This outline summarizes the education of a FEIF Icelandic Horse Trainer and Instructor. The information was obtained from the FEIF website and prepared by Alexandra Pregitzer, USIHC Education Committee chair.

FEIF: Trainer education

Mutual acknowledgement of trainers -- Trainer/Instructor Matrix

The aim of the FEIF education department was from the beginning to strengthening the international exchange in development and education and to secure develop equal standards in education. Thus, the FEIF-Education Committee developed the FEIF-Trainer/Instructor Matrix, a milestone for education work, which demonstrates the equivalence of similar training qualifications in different FEIF member associations. Qualifications gained in one participating FEIF member country are recognized by the other participating member associations. More information about the FEIF-education matrix can be found on the FEIF website.

The FEIF trainer/instructor matrix was signed by 13 member associations at the FEIF conference in Amsterdam. Meanwhile more than 900 trainers/instructors are registered in the FEIF trainer/instructor list.

Compared to a college like Holar, this is a completely different approach. The actual trainer courses are rather short, mostly twoweek seminars. They are an intense seminar with different riding instruction, ground work and class room style theory over the course of each day that is thought to offer students help and advice pointing out their strengths and weaknesses and giving them a good preparation for the two day exam.

In comparison to FEIF member countries, FEIF does not certify instructors and trainers, FEIF offers a tool. The trainers and instructors are certified by their countries Icelandic horse association.

The following page lists the trainer programs for instructors and trainers. As the requirements build for level 2 they are shown using this style and finally level 3 is shown like this.

FEIF Trainer Level 1


This Trainer is able to teach beginners and pleasure riders in basic riding skills and gait riding with strong emphasis on horsemanship in keeping, handling and riding the horse.

Professional Skills

FEIF Trainer Level 2


Trainer and young horse trainer who is able to teachleisure riders as well as competiton riding up to a medium level.

Level 2 skills that extend or are in addition to Level 1 are shown like this.

Professional Skills

FEIF Trainer level 3


Horse Trainer and Trainer able to teach riders at all levels in different types of sport and shows.

Level 3 (additional skills compared to level 1 and 2)

Level 2 (additional skills compared to level 1)

Level 1 skills

Professional Skills

FEIF Trainer level 4


International expert.

There is no description on the FEIF website that shows any further details for this trainer level.

Information prepared and reviewed Spring 2009.