This outline summarizes the education of an FT Certified Icelandic Horse Trainer. The information was obtained from the Holar College website and prepared by Sara Lyter, USIHC Education Committee. The information was reviewed by Holar graduate Laura Benson.

The Icelandic Horse Trainers Association (FT)

Holar College in Iceland offers a 3-year program concerned with practical knowledge and skills in riding, horse breeding and management. In addition, students receive a foundation in agriculture, animal husbandry and economics. The aim of the program is to prepare students for a professional vocation in the horse industry.

Year 1 Education Level:  Riding Instructor

Student learns practical horse management, principles of riding and training the Icelandic horse, and basic riding instruction

Year 2 Education Level: Young Horse Trainer

Prerequisite: Equine Studies and Basic Riding Instruction (achieved in Year 1)

Student furthers knowledge of Icelandic horse training. Gains theoretical knowledge and practical skills in starting young horses.

First semester is completed at Holar. Students work with 2 young horses and 2 horses for condition training under instructor supervision.

Second semester is an internship format. Student is required to work on a horse farm with a certified FT trainer during which time student works independently with 5 young horses and 5 conditioning horses.

Year 3 Education Level: FT C-trainer

Prerequisite: Young Horse Trainer (achieved in Year 2)

Prepares students to conduct courses in riding instruction, as well as training and showing horses in exhibitions and competitions.

Information prepared and reviewed Spring 2009.