Breed Ambassador Program

The USIHC Breed Ambassador Program runs from January 1 - December 31 of each calendar year. This program awards prizes via a "drawing" method to USIHC members who have submitted their entries according to the rules below. The drawing will take place each year in mid-January. All winners will be listed on the USIHC website, the USIHC Facebook page, and published in the March issue of The Icelandic Horse Quarterly. Winners will also be contacted directly and prizes will be sent by USPS First Class mail.

Rules and qualifications are as follows:

  1. Participants must be current USIHC members in good standing at the time each event is submitted for entry AND at the time of the prize drawing.
  2. Participating horses must be registered with the USIHC or any other FEIF recognized country.
  3. Qualifying events are any organized ALL BREED events. Examples: Open Horse Shows, Parades and Hunter Paces,Trail Rides (including Competitive and Endurance Rides, Poker, Ride-A-Thon or other fundraising type rides and Trail Trials).
  4. Events that are "Icelandic Horse only" do not qualify for entry. Examples: Sanctioned Shows, Breeding Evaluations, Affiliated Club member only Trail Rides, Schooling Shows, Breed Demo and Drill Team practices.
  5. Entries may be submitted by either emailing a photo showing the USIHC member and their horse at the event to OR by posting the photo to the USIHC Facebook page.
  6. Each event shall count as one (1) entry in the drawing. There is no limit to the number of entries a member may submit during the contest period and the more eligible events a member participates in, the more chances that member has to win.
  7. Participating members are eligible to win more than one (1) prize per drawing.
  8. Completed entry forms must be submitted within 2 weeks of the day of the event. The final deadline for all entries will be January 5 of the year following the contest period. (Example: the final deadline for events in 2014 is January 5, 2015). Entries date stamped after January 5 shall not be valid.

This program is administered by the chair of the Promotion Committee, Emily Potts and Jessica Haynsworth.