Please follow instructions carefully in order to process registrations smoothly and without delay. If you have any questions before mailing your application in, please fell free to call the registrar, Ásta Covert, at 805-688-1393 or email her at Since Ásta lives in the Pacific time zone, we ask that you please be mindful of the time difference from your location.

Please allow 6 weeks for registration processing.

When filling out application please make sure that the application is filled out completely. This includes all registration numbers in their entirety (including the country code, such as “US” or “IS” at the start of the number).

Horses color: When using a domestic horse form, please use the correct color code number when filling in the color of your horse. . Do not write the colors name. To find the color code number for your horse, use the color code table.

Owner number: You will see a place on the registration application for owner number. Each owner is assigned an owner number at the time they register their first Icelandic Horse with the USIHC. If this application is the first time that you are registering a horse please leave the owner number blank. If you have already registered a horse, you will find your owner number on the registration certificate issued by the USIHC on the bottom right-hand side across from the recorded owner. Please include this number on all future registration applications.

Make sure you keep photo copies of all documents before mailing them to the USIHC. You are welcome to send documents via Registered or Certified Mail. If you wish them returned by Registered or Certified Mail, please include with your documents a self-address stamped envelope with the proper postage affixed.