The United States Icelandic Horse Congress mails copies of its official publication, The Icelandic Horse Quarterly, to its members four times a year, unless they prefer to receive the electronic edition only. (Click here to access the eQuarterly archive.)

Occasionally, copies are lost or damaged in the mail. Using the form below, members may request a free replacement copy of the most recent issue. Members who have sold a horse to a non-member may also request that a copy be sent to the buyer using this form.

To request copies of the Quarterly to use in promoting the Icelandic horse at events or to recruit new members to the USIHC, members should contact the Promotion Committee at Promotional copies are available on a first-come first-served basis.

Back issues are available for purchase subject to availability.

Please complete and submit the following form to request magazines by mail.

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If you need multiple issues or the issue you need is not listed, please use the comments box at the bottom of the page to describe the issues you need.
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I am an active member and my copy was lost or damaged in the mail.
I am an active member and have moved within the past three months. Please update my address and send a copy of the most recent magazine to my new address. Members who have missed more than one issue because of a move may read the earlier missed issues on the website or purchase them for $5.00 per copy.
I have sold a horse to someone who is not a Congress member. I'd like them to receive an introductory copy of the magazine. (Please put the mailing information for the person to receive the complimentary copy of the magazine in the space above and your name in the comments box below.)
I am interested in purchasing this back issue. Issues may be purchased for $5.00 each.
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