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Pleasure Rider Program Forms

Mail completed logs by US or electronic mail to:



Important Notes: All hours and events must be logged on the forms provided. Any other formats will not be accepted. Logs must be legible and submitted on time for the hours to count. Logs are due quarterly on April 10th, July 10th, October 10th, and January 10th. These deadlines allow 10 days after each quarter for the logs to be completed and delivered to the Plesure Rider Program Chair.

As a one-time exception, the first quarter hours and events for 2012 will be accepted until July 10th.

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Pleasure Rider Program Description

The USIHC Pleasure Rider Program rewards members for doing what most of us are already doing with our horses: pleasure riding! It's also a great reason to get together with other Icelandic horse enthusiasts and promote the Icelandic Horse. The more you do, the more points you earn. What could be better than winning prizes for having fun with your horse!

To be eligible to particpate in the program:

There is no cost to partipate in the Pleasure Rider Program!

Members "compete" against each other within their group, determined by age -- adult or junior/youth. The adult PRP mebers are divided into three regions: Western (Pacific time zone), Central/Mountain (Central and Mountain zones combined) and Eastern. Yearly prizes are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd-place members in each group. Adults who have won the yearly Gold Medal and jacket twice advance to the All-Star Division. (The first place All-Star receives a pair of stirrups and a t-shirt. Second and third place All-Stars receive a t-shirt. Prizes courtesy of Eileen Gunipero and Flying C Ranch Tack Shop.)

The program operates completely on the honor system. Only U.S.-based time and activities are eligible. Time, events and activities for which you are paid are not eligible.

There are two ways to log points in the PRP: through the Freedom Ride Time Log and the Special Events Log .

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Freedom Ride Pleasure Rider Recognition

Freedom Ride patches are given to riders logging 100 hours, 500 hours and 1,000 hours.

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Special Events Participant Recognition

Actively participating in seminars, clinics, evaluations and workshops involving riding, driving, or training horses. 10 points per day
Auditing seminars, clinics, evaluations and workshops involving riding, driving, or training horses. 5 points per day
Riding or driving in a group pleasure ride (minimum 5 riders), endurance ride, hunter pace, or trail trial. 10 points per day
Riding or driving in a parade or demonstration. 10 points per day
Planning or hosting any of the above. 5 points each event.

Hours spent participating in Special Events can be logged on the Freedom Ride Log.

Sanctioned or schooling horse shows are not eligible as Special Events, but you can log your show hours on the Freedom Ride Log.

Annual Awards

Members with the highest total combined Freedom Ride hours plus Special Event points win annual awards!

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Gold Medal
Gold Medal
Silver Medal
Silver Medal
Bronze Medal
Bronze Medal
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USIHC Riding Jacket
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