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The Icelandic Horse Quarterly, the official publication of the US Icelandic Horse Congress, contains a wide range of information about the breed and its uses. The current year's issues are available online for active Congress members. Older issues since 2008 are available to anyone.

This Topic Index to our online archive will help you find the stories you are interested in.


Horse Keeping and Health

Issue #1703The Rider's Weight by Nancy Marie Brown
Issue #1702The Natural Asymmetry of Horses by Gabriele Meyer
Issue #1702Understanding Emotions by Nicki Esdorn
Issue #1702News from Cornell by Lauren Roberts
Issue #1702Alternative Shoeing by Kathy Sierra
Issue #1701Blood Research Update by Tracy Stokol and Bettina Wagner
Issue #1603The Blood Profile Project by Andrea Barber
Issue #1603The Active Stable by Karin Daum
Issue #1603Handling Heel Pain by Alex Pregitzer
Issue #1601Care of Older Icelandic Horses by Gabriele Meyer
Issue #1504Winter Care by Nicki Esdorn
Issue #1502Is Your Horse Off? by Gloria Verrechio
Issue #1502Let's Talk about Teeth by Nancy Marie Brown
Issue #1502Eat Like a Horse by Annie Aston
Issue #1502The Story Behind the Sleipnir Award by Dawn Shaw (rescue and finding homes for 50 Icelandics)
Issue #1403Following up on the FEIF Hoof Study by Carol Andrew
Issue #1403Lessons from an Injury by Jenny Tuthill
Issue #1403Anatomy in Motion visits Iceland by Peggy Brown
Issue #1402Horses vs. Worms by Alex Pregitzer
Issue #1402Results of the FEIF Hoof Study
Issue #1401The Cornell Research Herd by Andrea Barber (summer excema study)
Issue #1304A Perfect Tail, Every Time by Jess Haynsworth
Issue #1304Nutrition for Icelandics by Nicki Esdorn
Issue #1303What is Bone Spavin? by Pamela Nolf
Issue #1302More on the Cornell Project by Bettina Wagner (summer excema study)
Issue #1301An Update on Cornell's Research by Andrea Barber (summer excema study)
Issue #1301Measuring Longevity by Chris Romano, with Andrea Brodie and Anne Elwell
Issue #1301Identifying by Eye by Sali Peterson (Iris scanning for ID)
Issue #1301Off the Grid by Alys Culhane (horse keeping in Alaska without power)
Issue #1202To Clip Or Not To Clip? by Nicki Esdorn
Issue #1202Cornell Studies Summer Excema by Carly E. Hodes
Issue #1202Spots in the Eyes by Pamela Nolf (MCOA in Icelandics)
Issue #1104Splitting Hairs by Jessica Haynsworth (how to split a mane)
Issue #1103Rattler Bite by Chris Romano
Issue #1102Grass, Grass Everywhere, Nor Any Bite to Eat by Pamela Nolf (feeding, laminitis)
Issue #1102Rescue Response by Gretchen Anthony (adopting Icelandics)
Issue #1101The Year of the Rescues by Nancy Marie Brown (over 150 Icelandic horses rescued)
Issue #1004Haylage by Bernie Willis
Issue #1004Designed To Be Ridden? by Ed Hilgaertner
Issue #1003The Story of the Bean by Chris Romano (sheath cleaning)
Issue #1003Blessi Has a Bad Hair Day by Pamela Nolf (braiding for a dressage test)
Issue #904Cold Feet: An Interview With Jan Gerd Rhenius by Yvonne Eberling (hoof care in winter)
Issue #902The Horse with the Hole in his Neck by Alys Culhane (wound healing)
Issue #902Importing a Horse by Yvonne Eberling
Issue #901About Horse Feet by Ed Hilgaertner
Issue #804What's the Difference? by Bernie Willis (Icelandics in cold weather)
Issue #804Putting the Horse First by Ed Hilgaertner
Issue #803Water, Water Everywhere by Alys Culhane (watering off the grid)
Issue #802Know Your Horse by Bernie Willis
Issue #802Piled Higher and Deeper by Alys Culhane (horse manure management)
Issue #802Gelding, Is It Time? By Janice McDonald
Issue #801Dealing with Summer Excema by David Kline

Training and Riding Instruction

Issue #1703The Riding Horse Profile by Tina Anderson
Issue #1703A Test Profile by Linda Templeton
Issue #1702The Natural Assymetry of Horses by Gabriel Meyer
Issue #1702Centered Riding by Carla Bauchmueller
Issue #1702Earn Your Riding Badge! By Alex Pregitzer
Issue #1702Learn to Judge by Nancy Marie Brown
Issue #1701Driving Your Icelandic by Nancy Wines-Dewan
Issue #1604Riding Through Depression by Theresa Jordan
Issue #1603What Is Intrinzen? By Nicki Esdorn
Issue #1603On the Bit by Gabriele Meyer
Issue #1602Arena Figures, Part 2 by Alex Pregitzer
Issue #1602Overcoming Fear on Your Own by Theresa Jordan
Issue #1602Tölt 101 by Nicki Esdorn
Issue #1601Groundwork 101 by Nicki Esdorn
Issue #1601Work on your Figures by Alex Pregitzer (riding arena figures)
Issue #1601The Oval Track by Dorte Gram (report on track surfaces)
Issue #1504How to Handle Risk by Theresa Jordan
Issue #1503The Simple Things by Sandie Weaver (Tolt in Harmony clinic by Trausti)
Issue #1503Why a Clinic? By Janet Boggs (Clinic with Jolli)
Issue #1502The Fear of Riding by Theresa Jordan
Issue #1501The Myth of the Quick Fix by Annie Aston (scientific training methods)
Issue #1501Trausti Teaches Us to Dance by Helga Thordarson (Tolt in Harmony clinic)
Issue #1404The Rider's Seat by Alexandra Pregitzer
Issue #1403Horse Agility by Nicki Esdorn
Issue #1302Training in Nature by Kathy Sierra (with Steinar)
Issue #1302Ponying Icelandic Horses by Alys Culhane
Issue #1301Iceland vs Portugal by Laura Benson (dressage Icelandic style)
Issue #1301A Debate About Round Penning by Pamela S Nolf
Issue #1204Is Your Horse Your Type? by Nicki Esdorn (gait distribution)
Issue #1204The Helmet Issue by Alex Pregitzer
Issue #1203Hold Your Horses by Nicki Esdorn (basic leading and groundwork)
Issue #1202The Performance Pyramid by Andrea Barber
Issue #1202Riding Guidelines by Doug Smith and Will Covert (descriptions of well-ridden gaits)
Issue #1202Training an Extreme Horse by Alex Pregitzer
Issue #1202The Feral Horse by Anne Elwell
Issue #1201What is Signal Riding? By Nicki Esdorn
Issue #1104Taking a Walk by Alex Pregitzer
Issue #1104An Unusual Clinic by Lanny Carroll (clinic for different gaited breeds)
Issue #1104A Portable Longeing Circle by Nicki Esdorn
Issue #1103A Year of Clinics by Helga Thordarson (with Steinar Sigurbjornsson)
Issue #1102The Rider's Aids: Part One by Alex Pregitzer
Issue #1101Clinics with Steinar by Helga Thordarson and Stephanie Sher
Issue #1101Principles of Horse Learning by Pamela Nolf
Issue #1004The Fantastic Seminar by Alex Pregitzer, Ed Hilgaertner, Lori Akari, Sue Anderson Reisha Toby. (combined conformation and riding clinic with Barbara Frische and Gudmar Petursson)
Issue #1004Riding Badge FAQs by Alex Pregitzer
Issue #1004California Riding Badge Achievement by Alex Pregitzer
Issue #1004Clinic with Steinar by Stephanie Sher
Issue #1004There Is No Tolt In Dressage But There Is Dressage In Tolt by Pamela Nolf
Issue #1003Tug of War, Part Two by Bernie Willis and Ann-Christin Kloth
Issue #1003Centered Riding for Icelandics by Nancy Marie Brown
Issue #1002The Training Scale by Ann-Christin Kloth and Alex Pregitzer
Issue #1002Putt-Putt Ponying by Bernie Willis (ponying off a vehicle)
Issue #1001All Whoa, No Go? By Kathy Sierra
Issue #904Winter Boredom Breakers by Yvonne Eberling
Issue #903Gladur Takes an Online Lungeing Course by Yvonne Eberling
Issue #903Hey Ho - Let's Go!: Why Warming Up and Cooling Down Your Horse Is Important by Alex Pregitzer with Nicki Esdorn
Issue #803Taking the Georgia Course by Dawn Shaw (FEIF Trainer Level 1 course in US)
Issue #803Roundpenning as a Training Tool by Janice McDonald
Issue #801My Riding Badge by Alys Culhane

Tack and Equipment

Issue #1702Alternative Shoeing by Kathy Sierra
Issue #1203Bits and Nosebands for Everyday Rides by Alex Pregitzer
Issue #1203Buying a Bridle by Nicki Esdorn
Issue #1203Bad Combinations by Juli Cole (bits and combinations banned by FEIF)
Issue #1203Bridling Basics by Nicki Esdorn (How to fit a bridle and put it on)
Issue #1003Is Correct Saddle Fit a Moving Target? by Eileen Gunipero
Issue #1002The Saddle Goes Where? by Eileen Gunipero
Issue #1001Basic Points Of Saddle Fit by Eileen Gunipero
Issue #901Safety Vests by Shari Nees
Issue #802Questions about Bits by the USIHC Education Committee


Issue #1703Breeding Gæðingar by Martina Gates and Leslie Chambers
Issue #1701WorldFengur 101: Part 2 by Martina Gates
Issue #1604WorldFengur 101: Part 1 by Martina Gates
Issue #1604Peering Into the Future by Kydee Sheetz
Issue #1602The Ride to Red Feather by Karen Brotzman
Issue #1503Ride to the Edge by Kydee Sheetz (riding in a breed evaluation)
Issue #1501Winterhorse Sweeps the Breeding Awards by Andrea Barber and Barb Riva
Issue #1403Evaluations in Kentucky by Carrie Brandt and Kathy Love
Issue #1401Great Gaits and a Happy Spirit: Interview with Martina Gates by Carol Andrew
Issue #1303A Visit to Winterhorse Park: Interview with Barb and Dan Riva by Carol Andrew
Issue #1303The Genetics Behind Gait by Ann Staiger (the Tolt Gene)
Issue #1301The USIHC Stallion Book by Andrea Barber
Issue #1301AI Breeding by Juli Cole (artificial insemination)
Issue #1301Mare Care by Juli Cole (care of brood mares)
Issue #1204The Pace Gene by Nancy Marie Brown
Issue #1203The NEIHC Breeding Show by Nicki Esdorn and Nancy Marie Brown (featuring an interview with Krista Wescott)
Issue #1203Wonderfoal by Alys Culhane
Issue #1202The Extremes of Extreme Farm by Pamela Nolf
Issue #1104Introduction to Conformation by Pamela Nolf
Issue #1104Would You Breed To Spuni? by the Quarterly Committee
Issue #1101Fun with WorldFengur by Pamela Nolf
Issue #1002The Horse in my Head by Nancy Marie Brown (what to consider before breeding)
Issue #1001The 2009 Foal Tour by Barbara Frische (linear evaluation system)
Issue #903Understanding BLUP Breeding Values by Bart Ducro and Gerda Casimir
Issue #901The Northstar Challenge by Carol Andrews (having a mare evaluated)
Issue #802Young Horse Conformation by Alex Pregitzer
Issue #801Does Form Follow Function? by Nancy Wines-DeWan (conformation)
Issue #801A Foal Is Born by Kathy Sierra (photo essay)

Events and Competition

Issue #1701Champions of the East
Issue #1604Landsmot: Focus on Youth by Cindy Wescott
Issue #1603A-Hunting We Will Go! By RJ Argenzio-West
Issue #1504The First American Youth Cup by Carrie Brandt
Issue #1502The Obstacle Course by Nancy Marie Brown (presentation by Eve and Dave Loftness)
Issue #1404Around the Oval Track: 2014 Sanctioned Shows
Issue #1404FEIF Director of Sport: Interview with Doug Smith by Carol Andrew
Issue #1404A Demo - You Betcha! by Susy Oliver
Issue #1403Games Day by Martina Gates
Issue #1401A Fairytale Ride at Fantasia by Jess Haynsworth (Equine Affaire)
Issue #1304At the World Championships in Berlin by Maike Liekweg and others
Issue #1304Learning in Uppsala: FEIF Education Seminar by Sandie Weaver
Issue #1304Showing Off the Icelandic Horse by Juli Cole (promotion)
Issue #1303Hunter Pace by Nicki Esdorn
Issue #1302Why Compete? by Leslie Chambers
Issue #1302Are You Ready To Show? by Jess Haynsworth (show preparation)
Issue #1302A Good and Harmonious Rider, Interview with Asta Covert, by Carol Andrew
Issue #1204Apassionata by Laura Benson (horse theater)
Issue #1204The Bald Mountain Butt Buster by Alys Culhane (endurance competition)
Issue #1204A Texas Trail Ride by Maryashley McGibbon (competitive trail ride)
Issue #1203Landsmot: It's All About Go! By Heleen Heyning (show in Iceland)
Issue #1202Icelandics in the News: The Martha Stewart Show, Apassionata, Chronicle of the Horse, Eastern Slopes (promotion)
Issue #1201Icelandics in the News: Equine Affaire, Good Morning America, the Horse Show, The Hobbit movie, Game of Thrones, Equine Journal, Horseman's Yankee Pedlar, Horse Illustrated, Trail Rider, the Sultan's Horses (promotion)
Issue #1201The Triple Header by Jessica Haynsworth (WorldRanking shows)
Issue #1104The 2011 World Championships by Doug Smith
Issue #1103Hnykill's Hunter Pace by Regina Berrish
Issue #1103A Historic Landsmot by Cindy Wescott (show in Iceland)
Issue #1101The Versatile Horse and Rider Competition by Marissa Dillon (Equine Affaire)
Issue #1003Thor Icelandics' Schooling Show by Thorunn Kristjansdottir
Issue #1001Landsmot 2010 by Thorunn Kristjansdottir (show in Iceland)
Issue #904Rising to the Challenge by Marilyn Tully (attending a show)
Issue #904The 2009 Icelandic Horse World Championships by Maike Liekweg
Issue #904The World Championships: An Alternate's View by Kari Pietsch-Wangard
Issue #901Showing 101 by Maike Liekweg
Issue #901The Kentucky Show by Kathy Love
Issue #901Three Vermont Shows by Nancy Marie Brown
Issue #901Why We Show by Kathy Sierra
Issue #804Landsmot 2008: A Pilgrim's Notes by Andrea Hanson (show in Iceland)
Issue #804Trail Obstacle Competitions by Karen Olson-Fields
Issue #804Things to Do with Your Icelandic Horse by Ed Hilgaertner (alternatives to Icelandic showing)
Issue #802What's a Gaedingakeppni? by Sigurbjörn Bardarson (Icelandic competition)

Pleasure or Leisure Riding

Issue #1702Ride for Janet by Esther Casimir
Issue #1602Ready for an Eventful Ride? by Robert Eversole
Issue #1503Exhilarating Fun: Interview with Carrie Croton by Lorna Littleway
Issue #1501A Discovery for Sure: Interview with Stephanie Sher by Deb Callaway
Issue #1402Riding for Pleasure: Profiles of Pleasure Riders
Issue #1402Horse Soccer by Terry Albert
Issue #1302A Look back at the Pleasure Riding Program (PRP) 2012: Profiles of Winners by Ellen Wilson
Issue #1203Jousting for Success by Pamela Nolf
Issue #1202The 2011 Pleasure Riding Winners by Ellen Wilson (profiles)
Issue #1201Finding the Carle Wagon Road by Kaylene Johnson (backcountry riding)
Issue #1104The Long Ride by Alys Culhane (backcountry riding)
Issue #1102Ice Age Horse in an Ice Age Meadow by Chris Romano (backcountry riding)
Issue #1102It's a Pleasure! by Nancy Wines-Dewan and Karen Olson-Fields (profiles of the PRP winners)
Issue #1102A Tapestry of Rides by Ellen Wilson (introduction of the new Pleasure Riding Committee Chair)
Issue #1003Dash for the Danish by Chris Romano (riding in suburban CA)
Issue #1003A Ride on Belle Isle by Sue Staggemeier (riding in downtown Detroit)
Issue #1002Pleasure Riding in 2009 (profiles)
Issue #1001Weekend Warriors by Alys Culhane (riding in rural Alaska)
Issue #902Crossing the Canyon by Lisa Leeper (riding in the Grand Canyon)
Issue #902Pleasure Rider Program 2008 Recap and 2009 Update by Karen Olson-Fields
Issue #804Leave No Trace by Alys Culhane (back-country riding and camping)
Issue #803Meet the 2007 PRP Winners by Amy Goddard


Issue #1702Youth Essay: How to Ride an Icelandic Horse by Arianna Deforge
Issue #1604Landsmot: Focus on Youth by Cindy Wescott
Issue #1602Off to the Youth Cup by Kelly Blough
Issue #1601Journey to the Finals by Shirin Geier (at WC finals on American horse)
Issue #1504Postcards from Summer Camp by Haley and Brooke Wehrheim (FEIF Youth Camp)
Issue #1504The First American Youth Cup by Carrie Brandt
Issue #1501Youth Essays by Sasha Roland and Zoe Johnson
Issue #1404At the FEIF Youth Cup in Iceland by Jasmine Ho, Jessica Blough, & Quinn Thomashow
Issue #1404Tolt in Harmony Youth Essay by Julia Hasenauer
Issue #1402Youth: A Three-day Eventer Rides Icelandic by Emma Ericsson
Issue #1401FEIF Youth Cup Showcase by Colleen Monsef
Issue #1304Youth Essays by Jasmine McRae, Madeline Pollock, Emily Benito, Clara Chilton, Eden Hendricks
Issue #1303NEIHC Icelandic Youth Day by Amy Goddard
Issue #1303Youth Essays by Quinn Thomashow and Anja Stadelmann
Issue #1302Where Are the Young Riders? by Nicki Esdorn (Icelandic riding youth and children's programs in the US)
Issue #1302Youth Essays by Bailey Soderberg and Julia Hasenauer
Issue #1301A Young Author: Interview of Jamie Blough by Kelly Blough
Issue #1204Youth: Competing by Quinn Thomashow (FEIF Youth Cup)
Issue #1203Youth: The Perfect Horse by Cameron Tolbert Scott and Kajsa Johnson
Issue #1202Youth: The Sunrise Chase by Madison Prestine
Issue #1004Youth: The Spaejari Award Essay by Rile Mcgittigan
Issue #1004An Unforgettable Summer by Rachel Ng (FEIF Youth Cup)
Issue #1002Focus On Youth by Susan Peters
Issue #904Behind the Scenes At FEIF Youth Camp U.S.A by Barb Riva and Anne Elwell 0904 A Kid's View of Youth Camp 2009 by Emily Pfoutz
Issue #901Kids Fun Show by Annette Coulon
Issue #804FEIF Youth Cup by Lucy Nold
Issue #802The Spaejari Award Essays by Jennifer Wright, Megan Milloy, and Emily Pfoutz
Issue #801Tolt Kid Kevin Draeger by Barb Riva

Trainer Profiles (by Alex Pregitzer, unless noted)

Issue #1504Freya Sturm
Issue #1404Alexandra Dannenmann
Issue #1404Caeli Cavanagh: At Liberty by Nicki Esdorn
Issue #1303Carrie Lyons Brandt: Carrie excels at Holar by Laura Benson
Issue #1201Barbara Frische
Issue #1103Nicki Esdorn
Issue #1102Sigrun Brynjarsdottir
Issue #1101Dawn Shaw
Issue #1004Florie Miller
Issue #1003Carrie Lyons-Brandt: The Next Valkyrie by Laura Benson
Issue #1003Coralie Denmeade
Issue #1002Ann-Christin Kloth
Issue #1001Katrin Sheehan
Issue #1001Laura Benson: An American At Holar
Issue #904Knutur Berndsen
Issue #903Steinar Sigurbjornsson
Issue #901Alisa Breedlove
Issue #804Jana Meyer
Issue #803Brian Puntin
Issue #802Sara Lyter
Issue #801Bernie Willis

History and Personal Stories

Issue #1703The Healing Power of Horses by Theresa Jordan
Issue #1703The Start of Equine Assisted Therapy by Theresa Jordan and Barry Koster
Issue #1701An Almost Free Horse by Liz Stimmler
Issue #1604The Horse of the Vikings by Kristina Stelter
Issue #1602Icelandic Psychotherapists by Vincent Verrecchio
Issue #1602Rehoming Rosti by Dawn Shaw
Issue #1601Stampede: 100 Icelandics by Robynn Smith (artist)
Issue #1601The History of Icelandics in North America by Annie Shields and Thorgeir Gudlaugsson (personal stories from the 1960s)
Issue #1504Gola's Story by Kara Noble (old mare gets a new lease on life)
Issue #1503Is Kappi for Sale? by Janet Mulder (a special horse)
Issue #1404Model Icelandic Horse (Breyer) by Dawn Shaw
Issue #1403Mounted Patrol Partners by Sali Peterson
Issue #1402Falki's Story by Betsy Sonnenberg
Issue #1402Siggi's Legacy by Alys Culhane
Issue #1401Adventures at Age 70 by Donna Milard
Issue #1204Detecting Icelandic Horse Origins by Pamela Nolf (history)
Issue #1202Why Do You Ride? By Stephanie Sher
Issue #1201Using the P-Word by Chris Romano ("Pony")
Issue #1201Across the Ocean by Thorgeir Gudlaugsson (history)
Issue #1201Stikla's Year of Therapy by Dawn Bruin-Slot (therapeutic riding)
Issue #1103Stikla: The Go-To Girl by Dawn Bruin-Slot) (therapeutic riding)
Issue #1102The Life of a Therapy Horse by Dawn Bruin-Slot (therapeutic riding)
Issue #1101Hnykill by Regina Berrish
Issue #1004Super Stjarna by Florie Miller (Horses for Heroes program)
Issue #1001Eldur's Story by Carol Andrew
Issue #902Establishing an Icelandic Horse Business by Thorunn Kristjansdottir
Issue #901A Milestone in USIHC History by Eileen Gunipero (Anne Elwell and the USIHC)
Issue #803Siggi's Story by Alys Culhane

Riding in Iceland and Other Countries

Issue #1702Ride for Janet by Esther Casimir
Issue #1504Ride Around the World by Nancy Marie Brown (virtual ride to Herning)
Issue #1503Joyrides to Iceland by Vince Verrechio
Issue #1501Trekking 101 by Rebecca Bing (trekking in Iceland)
Issue #1501The Most Useful Servant by Lisa Pliego (trekking in Iceland)
Issue #1403The Beach Ride by Lisa Pliego (riding in Iceland)
Issue #1301At the Sheep Roundup by Charlotte Reilly (riding in Iceland)
Issue #1204Where in the World? Dutch Getaway by Susan Verberg, and Land of the Hobbits by Lisa Keller (Icelandic Horse Farms in the Netherlands and New Zealand)
Issue #1201At the Roundup by Charles Fergus
Issue #1103Last Adventure in Iceland by Jessica Haynsworth
Issue #1103Photograph Your Horse! by Elisabeth Haug (tips for taking great photos)
Issue #1102More Adventures in Iceland by Jessica Haynsworth
Issue #1101Every Day an Adventure by Jessica Haynsworth (training in Iceland)
Issue #1003Havoc in Iceland by Thorunn Kristjansdottir (horse flu, volcano eruption)
Issue #903Global Training: Icelandic Horses at the Mercy of Modernity by Emilie DeWulf
Issue #801Ready for Iceland? by Amy Goddard (disinfecting riding gear)

Books and Films

Issue #1702Book Review by Nicki Esdorn: Open Heart Open Mind by Heidi J. Potter
Issue #1603Book Review by Nicki Esdorn: Horseplay by Helga Thoroddsen
Issue #1401Film Reviews: Herd in Iceland and Of Horses and Men
Issue #1303Book Review by Alys Culhane: Go the Distance
Issue #1301Creative Connection by Chris Romano (Illustrating Raudi's Story by Alys Culhane)
Issue #1204Book Review by Chris Romano: A Good Horse Has No Color and Song Of The Vikings by Nancy Marie Brown
Issue #1202Book Review by Bernie Willis: Principles of Conformation Analysis by Deb Bennett, PhD
Issue #1201Book Review by Bernie Willis: Masters of Equitation on Canter by Martin Diggle
Issue #1103Book Review by Bernie Willis: The Horse Conformation Handbook by Heather Smith Thomas
Issue #1103Jules Verne and the Icelandic Horse by Pamela Nolf
Issue #1102Book Review by Bernie Willis: Masters of Equitation by Martin Diggle
Issue #1101Book Review by Bernie Willis: The Art of Horsemanship by Xenophon
Issue #1004Book Review by Bernie Willis: Horsemastership and Classical Training
Issue #1002Book Review by Chris Romano: The works of Halldor Laxness
Issue #1001Book Review by Bernie Willis: Tug of War: Classical Versus "Modern" Dressage by Dr. Gerd Heuschmann
Issue #802Book Review by Alexandra Venable: Ariel's Journey by Doug Kane and Christy Wood

About the USIHC (see also USIHC News in each issue)

Issue #1702Earn Your Riding Badge! By Alex Pregitzer
Issue #1702Learn to Judge by Nancy Marie Brown
Issue #1303Got Ideas? Need Money? by Sara Lyter (the USIHC Grant Program)
Issue #1103The Web Tour, Part 3 by Juli Cole (navigating the USIHC website)
Issue #1102The Web Tour, Part 2 by Juli Cole (navigating the USIHC website)
Issue #1101What's New at www.icelandics.org, The Web Tour Part 1 by Juli Cole
Issue #801The Education Committee by Alex Pregitzer