Horse Registration Fees

The current fees for the various registration transactions are shown below. The US Icelandic Congress prefers PayPal for all registry transactions.

Start a registry transaction.

Description Fee
Register a horse under 12 months of age or within 12 months of import. $25.00
Register a horse over 12 months of age or after 12 months from date of import. $50.00
Late or amended stallion breeding report. $100.00
Transfer of ownership $15.00
Duplicate certificate of ownership. $50.00
Change breeding farm name. $50.00
Notation of Castration NO CHARGE
Corrections NO CHARGE
Notation of Color Change NO CHARGE
Register an Identification mark NO CHARGE
A $25.00 fee will be added to all fee based registry transactions if the horse owner is not an active member of the US Icelandic Horse Congress. In the case of a transfer of ownership, one of the parties must be a member to avoid the non-member surcharge.

If you have questions, please contact:

Ásta Covert, USIHC Registrar
P.O. Box 1724
Santa Ynez, CA 93460
Phone:(866) 929-0009 [extension 2]
The best way to contact the office is by e-mail.
Office hours: Monday thru Friday, 8 am-3 pm, Pacific Time.
Closed weekends and holidays.

Pay for your registry transaction with PayPal

The US Icelandic Horse Congress Registry accepts PayPal for all registration transactions that require payment of a fee. Simply complete the following information, click the "Pay with PayPal" button to complete the payment transaction, and include a copy of your receipt with your registration forms.

Horse Name(s)
Select your registry transaction(s):
Transfer of ownership.
Registration of Icelandics under 12 months or within 12 months of import.
Registration of horse over 12 months of age or after 12 months of import.
Late or amended stallion report.
Duplicate ownership certificate.
Change breeding farm name..
Check here to confirm that at least one party to the transaction is an active USIHC member. A non-member surcharge will be added if this condition is not met.
Total fees due: USD$