The United States Icelandic Horse Congress maintains the U.S. Registry of Icelandic Horses in accordance with FEIF rules. As of Thursday, May 16, 2013 there are 4598 Icelandic Horses registered by the USIHC. This number includes both imported and domestic bred horses. For information on registering an Icelandic Horse in the US, click here to download the registry rules and forms.

A horse conceived and born in the U.S. can be registered if it is of pure Icelandic blood as verified by its pedigree and its sire and dam are registered; the breeding conforms to USIHC breeding standards; and the Registry has a Stallion Report for the sire for the year in which the horse was conceived. The horse to be registered must be blood-typed and/or DNA if it is a mare or stallion. In addition, the horse must be blood-typed and/or DNA and the blood types and/or DNA of its sire and dam, if located in the U.S., must be on record with the Registry.

A horse imported into the U.S. can be registered if it is of pure Icelandic blood as verified by its pedigree; it is registered by the government of Iceland or another registry recognized by FEIF.

As part of the registration process the US Icelandic Horse Congress Registrar issues a Certificate of Registration for each horse. Click here for samples of valid Certificates of Registration.

Use your mouse to explore the map of the United States. When you hover over each state you will see the number of registered horses in that state.

No horses. 1-10 horses. 11-50 horses.
51-100 horses. 101-250 horses. More than 250 horses.