Competition Rules.
US Icelandic Horse Congress modifications to the FEIF Sport Rules in PDF format.

FEIF Sport Rules.
Complete, official FEIF Sport Rules rules in PDF format.

Prohibited equipment at Sport Events

FEI - Fédération Equestre Internationale (The international Federation for Equestrian sports)

Sanctioned Show Rules & Procedures.
These rules and procedures are updated May 2016.

Sample Sanctioned Show Entry Form.
This is a simple entry form organizers may use as a starting point for a show entry form. This form includes all the information necessary to create the event in IceTest before the start of the first test.

Sanctioned Show Application.
Completed application must be approved by the Chair of the Sport Committee at least 30 days before the start of the show.

Sanctioned Show Report.
Completed post-show report must be received by the Chair of the Sport Committee within 15 days of the show.

Sanctioned shows must be approved. Contact Competition Committee Chair person for details. Current Chair person is Will Covert,