United States Icelandic Horse Congress

the official Icelandic horse breed organization in the United States since 1998.

Our Mission

The US Icelandic Horse Congress is a member of FEIF, the International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations, representing Icelandic Horse associations in 21 countries. FEIF brings people together in their passion for the Icelandic Horse.

Quarterly Cover

The Icelandic Horse Quarterly is published in March, June, September, and December by the US Icelandic Horse Congress as a benefit of membership.

Issue Three 2017 of The Icelandic Horse Quarterly features articles on the FEIF Riding Horse Profile, the effect of the rider’s weight, the NEIHC Open Show, equine therapy for PTSD, the new Gæðingur Club, and more, as well as news from USIHC Affiliated Clubs, the USIHC Board of Directors, and our parent organization, FEIF.

To advertise, contact quarterly@icelandics.org. Ad rates are here.

All issues since 2008 are available online. See the Topic Index to find the stories you are interested in.

The Leisure Riding Committee is extremely pleased to announce the replacement for the retired Pleasure Riding Program! The Sea 2 Shining Ride is a virtual ride open to all Congress members. Members may participate as individuals or teams in a virtual tour of the United States. The ride began on July 4th and continues until July 3rd 2018. All the details (including the fine print) are on the Sea 2 Shining Ride page.

Riders have already travelled 24781.4 miles. Click here to log your hours.

Current leaders

PlaceTeam/RiderDistanceNext Landmark (miles to go)
1stKlettafjalla Icelandic Horse Club7634.2Everglades National Park, FL (1055.8)
2ndHell's Icies Pony Club5018.3Golden Gate Bridge, CA (236.7)
3rdNortheast Icelandic Horse Club (NEIHC)4576.6Golden Gate Bridge, CA (678.4)
4thHestafolk1960.0St. Louis Arch, MO (216.0)
5thCascade Icelandic Horse Club1239.0Niagara Falls, NY (98.0)

FEIF Youth Cup

Riders between the ages of 14 and 17 (born between the years 2001 and 2004) are invited to apply to participate in the FEIF Youth Cup 2018 as part of the U.S. Team. The event will be held July 28-August 4, 2018 in Axevalia, Sweden.

To be considered, applications and videos must be received by January 12, 2018. (Videos must be recorded between June 30, 2017 and January 11, 2018.)    We are also accepting applications for Country and Team leaders, and applications for scores only. Please review the applications for additional rules and information. Please note, to qualify for participation, applicants must be USIHC members in good standing at time of application is considered, and must maintain their membership throughout the event. Non-membership will result in disqualification. 

For more information please contact youth@icelandics.org

FEIF Youth Cup Application

Team Leader Application

Scores Only Application

Country Leader Application

Sanctioned Show Results

The results of the final Sanctioned Shows of the season have been posted and ranked. https://www.icelandics.org/showresults/

USIHC Annual Meeting

The USIHC Annual Meeting will be held in Denver, Colorado on January 13th, 2018. The link below will allow you to book the hotels rooms at a discounted rate until December 23, 2017. An Agenda and more information will be posted soon.

We hope you will join us in Denver!

Hotel Booking Link

October Minutes have been posted

The October Board meeting minutes have been posted. 


Board of Directors

Dear USIHC members,

The USIHC BOD has undergone some major changes in the past couple of weeks. 

It is our duty to announce that Doug Smith has resigned from the USIHC BOD after many years of service. We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Doug for everything he has done for the USIHC over the years. He was directly involved in every department in some way, volunteering his vast skill set to improve communications with USIHC members. He could be trusted to sort out any technical problem, no matter how big or small, and can be credited with making the USIHC website, email list, Quarterly magazine and eQuarterly, and connections with FEIF accessible and user-friendly to all. Doug was also the first recipient of the USIHC Sleipnir Award, which is given to an individual for going above and beyond the call of duty for USIHC and the Icelandic horse in the US. Doug is one of only two people to have ever received this award. We have all benefited directly from Doug’s work in one way or another. Doug, thank you for your service. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you and to learn from you.

In accordance with the USIHC’s constitution, the BOD has selected someone to fill Doug’s vacant BOD position. We have chosen Emily Potts, one of the candidates for the upcoming BOD election, and she has accepted the position. Emily’s professional skill set and positive attitude make her an excellent choice to fill this position. Emily, we look forward to working with you.

For the upcoming election, we received nominations for only two new candidates - Emily and Kevin Draeger, along with the two current BOD members who have chosen to run again for another term. Because there were only two new candidates and two current BOD members running to fill three BOD seats, and Doug Smith’s resignation opened up a fourth seat, this means that we will not need to hold elections this coming year. Kevin will be able to join the BOD in January when Andrea Barber’s term comes to a close, and we look forward to working with him as well. 

We look forward to continuing to serve our membership as best we can in the coming new year.



Oct 27–
Oct 29

Creating the Communication System - Guðmar Þor Petursson

Red Feather Icelandics 47-99 Sunnyside Rd, Trout Lake, WA, 98650 (click for a map)

Guðmar will be presenting a clinic focused on ´How to Communicate with your Horse´.

The clinic will be a combination of student riding sessions, classroom lecture, and ridden demonstrations by Guðmar coupled with explanations of what is happening between horse and rider. To see Gudmar's training style andunderstand his philosophy, please visit Gudmar.com .

Rider spots are limited to 12, auditor spots are limited to 12.

Please contact linda@redfeathericelandics.com for more information (541-490-0975)

Nov 3–
Nov 5

Trainers Clinic with Rasmus Moeller Jensen

Begin preparing for the Breed Evaluation we are sponsoring in 2018 with the help of one of the top evaluation riders and trainers in Europe.

Lettleiki Icelandics at Swallowland Farm 6105 Eminence Pike Shelbyville, KY 40065

For more info contact Maggie at Maggie@lettleikiicelandics.com or go to www.lettleikiicelandics.com

Nov 4

FIRC Schooling Show

The Frida Icelandic Riding Club will hold a schooling show at Montaire near Middleburg VA.  Alex Pregitzer will judge and Susan Moore will be the scribe. 15 classes in all 8 from USIHC plus 7 fun classes   For info: pat.moore81@verizon.net

Nov 4–
Nov 5

Riding Clinic -- The Horse as a Mirror of the Rider

Toppur Icelandic Horse Club presents a riding clinic with Carrie Lyons Brandt at Harmony Icelandics, 3263 Rustic Lane, Peru, Iowa.

This clinic will focus on the importance of a balanced seat and how to use your body to communicate with the horse and move together in lightness. This topic will be addressed in two ways; first we will work on the physical training of the rider through exercises and seat lessons on the lunge line. Then we will begin to work on bridle-less riding, communicating with the horse through your seat and legs.

Contact: Virginia Lauridsen; (515) 556-3307, virginia@harmonyicelandics.com

Dec 31

Last Day to Submit Spæri Award Entries

The Spaeri Award will be given annually to a youth who clearly demonstrates commitment to and love for Icelandic horses. The recipient of the award will be chosen from USIHC youth who submit articles demonstrating these sought after qualities for publication in the Quarterly during the calendar year. Articles will be reviewed at the end of the calendar year, and the Quarterly staff and Youth Committee will select one winner who will receive the award, along with $50.

More information is available on the Youth Committee page.

Jan 12–
Jan 13

Annual Meeting

The USIHC Annual Meeting will be held in Denver, Colorado on January 13th, 2018. The link below will allow you to book the hotels rooms at a discounted rate until December 23, 2017. An Agenda and more information will be posted soon.

We hope you will join us in Denver!

Hotel Booking Link

May 23–
May 24

Kentucky Breeding Evaluation

Save the date:  Léttleiki Icelandics is planning a full Breeding Evaluation around Memorial Day weekend in 2018.  For more info contact Maggie at Maggie@lettleikiicelandics.com or go to www.lettleikiicelandics.com.  

May 26–
May 27

Kentucky Sport Competition

Save the date:  Léttleiki Icelandics is planning a sanctioned sport competition around Memorial Day weekend in 2018.  For more info contact Maggie at Maggie@lettleikiicelandics.com or go to www.lettleikiicelandics.com.  

Jun 23–
Jun 24

NEIHC Sanctioned Show

NEIHC is planning a sanctioned show at Thor Icelandics, Hudson NY June 23/24, 2018

Contact: Leslie Chambers (lkchambers17@gmail.com)

phone: 866-929-0009