2017 Annual Committee and Officer Reports

The 2017 Annual Committee and Officer Reports have been posted to www.icelandics.org/bod/minutes

FEIF - Seminars for Breeding Horse Trainers Level 1 and Level 2

FEIF is offering two seminars at Skeidvellir in Hella, Iceland for riders interested in furthering their education in training and presenting breeding horses. Registration deadline is February 27, 2018.

Seminar Level 1 - April 3-6, 2018

Seminar Level 2 - April 9-11, 2018

Email breeding@icelandics.org or click here for more information

2018 Committee Chairs

The USIHC BOD recognizes the importance of our committees and the cadre of volunteers that give of their time. These committees are the 'engine' of our organization, and deserve our focus and direction.

We were overdue to revisit the goals, structure, duties and priorities of each committee. Over the past month, we have been gathering information from each committee chair to help us in this task. It is our intention that by defining and refining these duties we provide a transparent working document providing direction, which allows our committee members to better focus and maximize their energies, and our members to know where we are focusing our time, energy and funds.

Prior to 2006, the USIHC policy was for committee chairs to be chosen from the board members, the BOD has decided to resume this practice to improve communication between committees and the Board. We would like to emphasize that the role of all chairs is primarily to facilitate discussion and communicate proposals formed by committee consensus. Care must be taken to include point persons and timelines for all proposals submitted to the Board for consideration.

Our Committee Chairs for 2018 are:

Affiliated Clubs - Leslie Chambers
Breeding - Linda Templeton
Education - Alex Dannenmann
Leisure Riding - Lori Cretney
Magazine - Nancy Marie Brown & Nicki Esdorn (the exception to Board Chairs)
Promotion - Jess Haynsworth & Em Potts
Sport - Will Covert

Youth - Kevin Draeger 

We wish everyone a happy and successful 2018, and look forward to working with you.


Your USIHC Board of Directors