USIHC World Championships

Application Process

The appropriate form must be submitted with your video.

Video Submissions

Your video must include the required tests and should be ridden on as close to a legal track under the FEIF Sport Rules as possible. You should ship your video submission to:

Asta Covert
3600 Roblar Ave.
Santa Ynez, CA 93460

Your video must be received by May 29, 2017 to be eligible for consideration.

It is highly recommended that you track your submission when you ship it. Please, forward a copy of the tracking number to Will Covert when you ship your video so we knw to expect it.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Will Covert via email to

International Submissions

If you are trying out by competing at a World Ranking event, you must submit your scores to Will Covert by email ( no later than the last day of in-person tryouts. Scores are submitted by sending a link to the event results page on the FEIF website.

You may submit unverified scores. Once the official scores are available, if the submitted scores do not match the offical posted scores, you may lose your place on the team.

In alternating years, the international Icelandic Horse communitiy comes together in Europe to hold the World Championships competition. Each FEIF member association sends a team of horses and riders to find the best in the world. The competition includes Sport classes and Breeding evaluations. The 2017 World Championships are taking place in Oirschot, the Netherlands, from August 7th through August 13th.

More information is available on the host association's web site

Even if you don't have any interest in participating as a rider, please consider joining us in The Netherlands. The US Team appreciates friendly faces in the audience. This is a great opportunity to see top Icelandic Horses and meet people from around the world who share your interest in the Icelandic Horse.

How many riders can the US send to the World Championships?

The team may be composed of 7 riders and up to 5 additional youth riders. If fewer than 7 adult riders choose to attend the Championships then youth riders may be included in the first 7 spots.

Who selects the team?

The Sport Leader, Will Covert , will make the formal team selection solely based on the video tryout marks given by the judge hired to evaluate the riders.

How are the riders selected?

The team will be selected by computing the average score of each riders best results in the required tests. (See the "Requirements" below.) In the event of a tie, the judge will choose who should take priority. The tryout scores will be used to determine starting positions at the Championships.

All riders who reach the minimum score will be considered as alternates in the event that one of the team chooses not to attend the Championships. The riders selected to the team will have until 2 weeks prior to the first paper work filing date with FEIF to withdraw from the team.

When will the team be announced?

The results of the tryouts will be published on the web site and the riders will be notified by email on June 10th, 2017.

How much does it cost to tryout?

Each test ridden will cost $60.00. The fee is the same for in-person performances and video submissions. There is no fee to submit scores from an international World Ranking competition.

If you are a rider looking for feedback but not planning to try out for the team. . .

You are still welcome to submit a video of your riding. Your performance will be critiqued and you'll receive the judge's comments and marks to help improve your riding.

The cost to ride for scores only is $30.00 per test ridden.

Riders looking for feedback may send a video or DVD.

If you are a rider interested in trying out for the US team. . .

Please review the following requirements and recommendations for eligibility to try out for the US Team for the World Championships.


  1. Riders must meet all current FEIF Sport Rules requirements including being US citizens or holders of green cards for at least one year.
  2. Riders must be members in good standing of the United States Icelandic Horse Congress for at least one year before the tryout entry deadline, May 29, 2017.
  3. Riders must be ranked in either the World Rankings or US National Rankings in all their tests of choice for the World Championships tryouts.
  4. Each horse may only be used by one rider in the tryouts.
  5. The horse must be registered in the United States if the tryout (live or by video) takes place in the United States. If the horse is European, it must have a FEIF ID Number.
  6. Riders must submit proof their horse is microchipped.
  7. Riders must pay the appropriate fees.
  8. Riders must qualify by achieving the scores used to compete at the "master" level in Iceland: T1 6.5, V1 6.2, T2 6.2, F1 6.0.
  9. Riders who make the team are allowed to compete in any event at the World Championships as long as the event was ridden in the tryouts. Riders who qualify in F1 may ride any pace event at the Championships.
  10. Riders must qualify on the horse they will take to the World Championships.
  11. Riders may participate in a live tryout. See the schedule below. A tryout video may be submitted as an alternative, if a rider is unable to travel to one of the scheduled events. Tryout videos must be made no earlier than March 12, 2017. Riders trying out on European horses must submit their tryout application prior to competing in and submitting scores from a World Ranking event held in the same calendar year as the tryouts. No international video submissions will be accepted.
  12. The riders may use a different horse in each test.
  13. Only one rider may ride any one horse for the team selection process.

Highly Recommended But Not Required

The purpose of these recommendations to the USIHC members is to help them be as prepared as possible for this level of competition.

  1. Attend Shows.
    You should attempt to compete in a minimum of two (2) shows with a FEIF International judge between the World Championships (2 years) and compete in a minimum of two (2) of the following disciplines: either Four Gait or Five Gait and either Tölt 1 or Tölt 2.
  2. Attend FEIF Youth Cup.
    If you are a youth rider you should make an effort, if possible, to attend the FEIF Youth Cup.
  3. Locate a trainer.
    You should locate a riding teacher educated in the gaits of the Icelandic Horse either here in the U.S., Iceland, or Europe where you can travel periodically and take a week or so of training during the 2-year interim period between the World Championships.
  4. Locate a competition horse.
    If you do not have a quality competition horse, there are a number of Icelandic Horse owners/breeders here in the U.S. and also in Iceland and in Europe who may be willing to let you borrow or lease one of their competition horses (and also possibly share in the expense) which gives them the opportunity to send their horse so that it can be seen at the World Championships. This arrangement is one that must be arranged strictly between the rider and horse owner.
  5. Compete in Icelandic horse shows in Europe and Iceland.
    During the two (2) years between the World Championships, try and compete in shows in Europe and Iceland as showing opportunities here in the US are limited. Getting used to the show atmosphere inexorably assists in making showing less stressful. Learning to ride under pressure is critical. We cannot create the same high stakes circumstances here in the U.S. that exists when riding in the shows in Europe and at the World Championships.

Where can I find the complete details of the USIHC's World Championships team tryout procedures?

The Sport Committee maintains a description of all the tryout procedures and the general thinking behind them. The most current version of the document is available here.