Sport Judges in the United States

Sport Judge Scholarship Fund

The USIHC offers an incentive program for judges. The USIHC administrates a donated fund which reimburses judges at key steps in their progressional growth.

  1. The fund pays $1,000 when a judge passes the FEIF license examination at either the national or international level.
  2. Another $1,000 is paid after the judge has judged three sanctioned shows in the US.
  3. A final $1,000 is paid after the first renewal of the FEIF license (or passing the international level).

The fund was established with a $10,000 gift. The funds will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis until the funds have been spent.

The Sport Judge is an essential role at any competition – sanctioned or schooling show. The judge or judges are responsible for the application of the USIHC and international (FEIF Sport) rules. The judge(s) are tasked with translating a peformance into a mark using the FEIF Sport Judges' Guidelines.

There are several steps along the way to becoming an experienced judge with sufficent knowledge and skill to judge at the top international tournaments around the world. The progression is the same throughout the entire Icelandic horse world. The first step is to work as a secretary (scribe) for an experienced judge. Next is to pass a national seminar and begin to build experience. The judge continues to attend seminars at the national level until he reaches the top national license. The final step is to attend the FEIF International Sport Judge examination.

In the United States, we have a four-level system which integrates into the FEIF system. It is a contiguous program, in which each step builds up to the next.

Current Judges

The following judges are currently licensed in the United States:
JudgeLicense LevelExpiration
Will CovertFEIF International Sport JudgeRefer to FEIF.
Alexandra DannenmannFEIF International Sport JudgeRefer to FEIF.
Freija ThyeUSIHC Sport Judge AApril 2020
Alexandra PregitzerUSIHC Sport Judge BApril 2020
Jana MeyerUSIHC Sport Judge BApril 2020
Deborah CookUSIHC Sport Judge CApril 2020

Continuing Education

Judges holding a license are required to submit proof of continuing education in order to stay current. Proof of participation in:

  1. minimum one (1) educational pre-approved seminar every 3 years by submitting the confirmation letter signed by the clinician (download here)
    • Seminars have to be pre-approved by the Education Leader, at least 30 days prior to the seminar
    • Seminars must total a combined minimum of 16 hours, e.g. One 2-day (16 hour) and two 1-day (8 hour) seminars would satisfy the requirement
    • Seminars can be local, national or international
  2. a minimum of two (2) days of judging or scribing at a US Sanctioned or FEIF WorldRanking show, in a time frame of 2 years


If a judge is not able to provide proof of currency, their license will be suspended and they will be removed from the judges section of the USIHC website. In order to reinstate their license, a judge has to catch-up on the missing proof by attending a educational seminar within 2 years after the license has been suspended. In case a judge does not provide any proof of currency within 2 years of license suspension, they will have to participate in a judges licensing course again, to have another license issued.


These requirements are effective as of April 1st, 2017 for existing judges and 2 years from the certification date for new judges.